We've opened up the legion discussion so we can plan our future as a guild in the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft. As a member of Ethic please read these threads for more information.

Class Switching Discussion

Splitruns in Legion

Dungeon Groups for Legion

Remember if you got anyother questions just ask the officers

Welcome to the new website,

With the switch to the Enjin system we decided to give the website a new look aswell.
If you would like to see anything changed feel free to make a post about it in the suggestions forum.

We know it's a little annoying forcing everyone to make a new account, but we feel the Enjin system has more ways for us to better manage both teams.
Luckily we don't change that often :)

Both teams are now displayed as actual teams and also have their own recruitment tab, making it less confusing for new recruits to see which team needs which classes.

Special thanks go out to Menerot for creating a new Logo for us.

We encourage everyone to use the forums to post some video's about kills and tactics.
And you can always discuss your class with your fellow classmen in our Class Discussion forums.

Well i think i made a long enough post now to see if it is visually ok.

Enjoy the new website :)

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